Stainless Steel Ribbon Wound Banding

Ribbon wound banding comes as giant coils, that apply to fixing or fastening of big size objects, like the tanks in oil gas and petrochemical industry, thermal or cold insulation layer on large pipes. Also, the consumers in insulation industry can have these giant coils and cut into various lengths per the pipe sizes at job site and make preformed clamps or ties with Mowco wing seal clips.

Ribbon Wound Strapping

Ribbon wound Banding width available

  • 1/2 inch ( ie, 12.7mm );
  • 5/8 inch ( ie, 16mm );
  • 5/8 inch ( ie, 16mm );
  • Or any width over 3/4 inch ( 19mm ).

Inside Diameter of coils available

  • 9.45 inch ( ie, 240mm );
  • 16 inch ( ie, 406mm ).

Size or weight per coil:

  • 33 lbs ~ 66 lbs ( ie, 15 ~ 30 kg );
  • Or, as per request.

More information about product specification, please visit stainless steel banding.

Ribbon Wound Banding

It’s easier to uncoil ribbon wound coils by using Mowco Ribbon Wound Banding Dispenser, that we have designed and manufactured specially for uncoiling Mowco Ribbon Wound Banding coils. It helps very much especially for narrower banding, like 1/2 inch ( ie, 12.7mm ). Banding bounces off the coil easily due to its self-tension strength and get twisted or kinky. Mowco Ribbon Wound Dispenser can prevent things like that from happening.